The Quartz Flash cure unit (Plug-N-Go) is specifically designed to work with our Freedom Express and Sabre lines of presses. The Sabre print arms are pre-wired to accept these flash units and the press will self-detect the flashes location.

  • Quick flashing quartz elements
  • Adjustable height
  • Easily move from head to head
  • Universal option, which allows the Plug N Go to work with any machine in the industry
Quartz Flash


Flash cure heat zone control

Heat Zone Control

With the option of three different zones, heat specific parts of the substrate.

High Speed flash cure instant on and off

Production Flash

The high speed and instant on and off capabilities, allow for high production and high volume printing.

OS Compatibility

Workhorse OS Compatibility

Easily plug into the Freedom Express or Sabre and Workhorse OS will automatically recognize the flash.