Quality and Value are No Accident

We have an extensive array of engineering, manufacturing and production resources available. These resources, partnered with our dedicated staff, allow us to produce a product of unequalled quality. These resources also ensure that we provide the most sturdy, well-built equipment on the market with the latest technologies. Our products and accessories are engineered, designed, and built to last. In our vast, state of the art facility, we can make large production runs and stock large quantities of inventory. With these capabilities, we are able to offer our customers value priced products with prompt delivery.

Committed to Customer Satisfaction

Performance and Longevity are driving forces that push our business forward. With a foundation of success to build on, we continually look for new opportunities to enhance or improve upon our products. This commitment to product development ensures top quality, performance, and customer satisfaction. Along with ongoing product research, we are able to create new and efficient services and methods to better serve our customers. As we improve current products, develop new products and enhance our customer and dealer services, we are no doubt poised to remain an industry leader.

Decades of Durability

Workhorse Products has over 30 years of manufacturing experience in the screen printing equipment industry. This impressive history stems from a commitment to quality, value, service and performance. Having thousands of machines in the field, both domestically and internationally, has solidified Workhorse as one of the top manufacturers of screen printing equipment in the world.

Support for the Long Haul

Sales and Service teams here at Workhorse are among the most experienced in the field. They are capable of handling all your needs and understand that helping you build a successful business requires more than just providing high quality equipment. With lifetime technical support and a worldwide dealer network, we are here to help you succeed. Whether you are a new, existing, small, medium or high production business; we have the sales and service teams in place to help.