Our best manual screen printing press. Perfect for high precision manual screen printing.

Great for small screen printing shops or as a starter manual screen printing press.

Compact tabletop screen printing press design with an economical price point.


THE PROFESSIONALS CHOICE! This screen printing machine was designed for the screen printer who makes his or her living behind a squeegee. Light enough for ease of use day in and day out, but solidly welded to provide a rigid platform for life. The Mach screen printing machine is ideal for growing and high volume shops producing sophisticated designs. The large diameter and full-length center shaft, combined with print station support struts, maximize rigidity. The precision machined cast aluminum print heads and center wheel provide the tightest registration. With the optional cap, jacket, sign, coozie, sticker and pocket attachments, this screen printing machine is the do it all answer for any shop. Combined with the tool free X, Y, and Z micro registration, this screen printing machine is the best of all worlds. Mach screen printers also come in a variety sizes to fit your printing needs.


Print Arm Struts

Print arm struts ensure that platens remain square and stable while maximizing strength.

Welded Structural Steel

Print arm struts ensure that platens remain square and stable while maximizing strength.

Light Weight Aluminum Center Wheel

The light weight, precision machined, single cast aluminum center wheel provides the tightest registration with smooth quick turns.
Mach Printhead Manual screen printing press

Advanced Print Heads

Precision cast aluminum heads with tool-free, off contact. Large registration knobs provide responsive X,Y & Z micro registration and screen angle adjust.

Side Clamp Option

For our customers who prefer a side clamp press, we can accommodate your preference.

Lockable Caster Option

Mobilize your Mach Series Manual Printer with a new set of lockable casters.


Mach Series


Odyssey manual printers are value-priced industrial screen printing machines. While this is our “Entry Level” machine, it’s unlike any other manual screen printing press in its price range. The Odyssey line is ideal for startup operations such as home-based businesses, sporting good retailers and embroidery companies that want to add a screen printing department. In addition to the rotary load style printers, Odyssey printers are available in economical and specialty table top models as well. With the optional cap, jacket, sign, coozie, sticker and pocket attachments, this screen printing machine is the do-it-all answer for any small to medium screen printing business.


Fine Thread Micro Registration

Easy to use X and Y micro registration knobs with nylon rod ends are included for tighter registration and precise designs.

Tool Free Off Contact

With over 1 inch of travel, you will always have the perfect off contact distance on any substrate.

Easy Load Platens

Platen changes are lightening fast with the Workhorse easy load platen system.

Large Diameter Center Shaft

The center shaft with tapered bearings allows for a smooth, balanced operation with quality in every spin.

Sturdy Tubular Steel Construction

Steel welded construction is designed to provide a solid machine with a lifetime
of accuracy.

Lockable Caster System

Mobilize your Odyssey Series Freestanding Printer with a new set of lockable casters.


Odyssey Floor Model Press



This is our most popular table top manual screen printing machine. This bench model manual screen printing press gives you 4 color capability at a budget price while being the most sturdy and durable bench manual screen printing machine on the market. Great for on-site screen printing at raceways, sporting events, trade shows, concerts, fairs and any other place that people gather.


Odyssey Bench Top Model

Odessey 2 Color Manual Screen Printing Press


Our two-color one-station bench press is the ideal entry level screen printing machine for multiple-color printing. It has the ability to add additional colors if needed and is one of the most inexpensive ways to start or expand your screen printing needs.

Odessey 1 Color Benchtop Manual Screen Printing Press


This screen printing machine is ideal for printing single color jobs on shirts, sleeves, tote bags, name drops, tagless labels, etc. without interrupting your large production screen printing machines. Add a cap, jacket or vacuum attachment and convert this machine into a dedicated special purpose screen printer.

Odessey Benchtop Manual Screen Printing Press Vacuum Pallet


Diversify your business by manual screen printing coroplast yard signs, heat transfers, bumper stickers, window decals, other signs and more. Simply depress the footswitch and the powerful vacuum pump holds any flat stock securely without the use of spray adhesive.