Workhorse Products has a full line of accessories to assist with production. Throughout the entire line, there is one feature you can always count on–that is quality. At every level, you can be assured that you are getting the most for your money.






CapMax Screens

CapMax Screens come in a wide range of mesh counts. Choose lower mesh counts for simple, bold designs or for thicker ink deposits. Choose higher mesh counts for detailed designs, halftone designs or for thinner ink deposits.

CapMax platens

A wide variety of quick change CapMax platens are available to provide the perfect fit for virtually every type and size of cap. CapMax printers come standard with a CP2 platen which fits twill, poplin, and nylon caps. In addition you can get CP1 for low crown youth caps, CP3 or CP4 for summer mesh caps, or CP5 for visors. CP6 has a groove machined in the center enabling you to print right over the seam on low crown, 6-panel caps.


The Gripper is the answer for printing any two-ply garment where you must keep both the outer shell and inner lining from moving. It features a large 16″ x 16” (41 x 41 cm) print area to accommodate full sized designs.

The unique design of the Gripper frame pulls the image area taught for printing. The lock-lever system can be adjusted to firmly hold any material thickness from running shorts to a quilted parka.

N-Series Numbering System 

The N-Series is a quick and efficient solution for numbering. No other number system allows for screens to be installed and removed without adjusting or clamping. This lightweight aluminum system is anything but complicated with only one moving component: the screen. Patent pending magnetic design, the slides provide enough pull to secure a screen firmly in place, but also allows for easy release when adjusting the registration or removing the screen. Click here to learn more.

Pre-Registration System 

Take the guesswork out of registering with our Pre-Registration System. Built for speed and accuracy, our system makes pre-registering your screens easier than ever. Simple to learn & use, anybody can be trained to quickly register screens. The Workhorse Pre-Registration System is compatible with all Workhorse Screen Printing Presses and may be used with wood frames, aluminum frames and roller frames. Eliminating wasted product will have you making a return on your investment in no time and worrying about the consistency of your designs will be a thing of the past.


Make more money by printing heat transfers, bumper stickers, decals, signs and more. Simply depress the footswitch, and the powerful vacuum motor holds flat stock securely without the use of spray adhesive Large Screen Capacity.